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The Incredible Lee Meriwether by smjblessing
The Incredible Lee Meriwether
Most famous for her role as Catwoman in the original Batman (1966) movie, her role as Dr. Ann MacGregor on the Irwin Allen tv series, Time Tunnel, her role on the show, Barnaby Jones, and Miss America 1955 !

I had the pleasure of meeting her and gave her this painting I did of her...and SHE LOVED IT ! 
So real and tangible to my senses
Fades away within a blink of an eye
She comforts me and enraptures my soul
Gone with the next moment with reality’s sterile grasp
Does she exist ? One in a million I say
Eyes with a powerful gaze that seem too truthful to be fake
Gone once my eyes open and wearily greet the day
She’s there whenever I want her and understands when I’m scared
Scared to realize that she doesn’t exist

In a world so wide
In a world so small
Conformists and disinterested fucks all around me
Deem my existence as irrelevant and small in the wince of an eye
Can she exist, or is she only a figment of the best inside me ?

A feminine, yet firm blissful embrace, that makes you rejuvenate your entire outlook enough to make you want to climb a skyscraper
Ends up being the choked up socially damaged grasp of my own remains
In recognition of the fact, that she doesn’t exist, and my mind is just putting on an act.

I suppose at some point she did exist
When and where....I don’t know
Too real to be fake, yet too true to be real

Her gentle inviting shoulder cradles my head in a fuzzy flash of blissful imagination and emotion
Ends up being the cold empty shoulder of me
So dazed, confused, and rejected by those of her gender

Maybe she is hope for me - waiting for me to hold on until I find her
Or a devil in disguise - waiting for me to burn out in horrid anxious wreckage
Maybe she is an impossible goal for me to reach
Maybe this thought is why I still try
Maybe she is the face of all my ideals embodying physical attributes
Only she can break this eternal monotonous cycle

I don’t know
Can she exist ?
Does she exist ?
Did she exist ?
Would she understand ?
Would she understand or turn away and hide once she realizes my existence to others blends in with the sky and carpeting of sceneries alike
Would she deem my appearance and personality as awkward, irrelevant, and boringly average as everyone else ?
Would she recognize me as the one who thinks of her every second ?
Would she even equate her image and ideals to mine ?

I may never know since she probably isn’t out there
I don’t even feel her out there

Too real to be fake, yet too true to be real
I think I’ll close my eyes and spend a day with her
She seems to only want to appear and be with me in my head.*703

BUY REALLY GOOD STUFF you 14 year old deviantart nerd who likes to come on here and look at stupid Digital Video game "artwork" !
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PJF3K Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2015
You're most welcome; your art is absolutely breathtaking, and I'll admit I shed a tear or two while writing my comment on the Leonard Nimoy Memoriam sketch. :'( I believe I speak for all geekdom when I say he shall be sorely missed.
smjblessing Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2015
Wow ! Thanks so much ! Nimoy will definitely be missed, but treasured forever.
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